The Afroqueerized Beekeeper

Help Needed: DC Farmers Travel Funds

Hey Tumblr,
If you don’t know already, I’m a farmer and a beekeeper. You can see my work here and here.
My business partner and I are traveling to Tuskegee, Alabama tomorrow to attend the Professional Agricultural Workers Conference. We’ve tried everything to cut costs to travel to this conference but, in the end, have had some unexpected financial hits—including not having received the scholarships we applied for. 
In light of this added expense I’m reaching out to my tumblr community. Those who can give money, know that it will defer the nearly $750 me and my business partner have spent to travel to the conference. Call it an urban farm subsidy. 

We expect to network with other Black farmers and get new ideas about how to grow our operation and feed our community. Come harvest time we’ll hopefully be selling at markets in DC. Whatever you can give is appreciated, including a supportive note.  Somehow it will all work out in the end, I know.

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    i don’t like bees! but we need them for food and pollination and stuff so help ok
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    boost for real! zachari is an awesome person and you should help out because they help lots of people too
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